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カテゴリ:2000年代( 16 )

A Brilliant Escape – The Happening Sounds of Beauty


 先日、カナダのレーベルThe Beautiful Musicからこのフリー・サンプラーCDが届きましたのでご紹介。

 御覧の様に、BMXバンディッツ、The Sound、ABBAのカヴァーなどを含む、14のポップバンドによる全18曲。

01. The Model Spy – Chinaski (Beauty 028)
02. Dot Dash – Writing On The Wall (Beauty 022)
03. The Yellow Melodies – Your Class (BMX Bandits Cover - Beauty 026)*
04. Skytone – The Summer That Never Ends*
05. Pretty Eyes For Captain America – She Lives For The Moment (Beauty 025)*
06. Armstrong – This One (Beauty 034)*
07. The Social Icons - Stay (Beauty 016)
08. Roy Moller – Hidden Realms (Beauty 027)*
09. Self Love - Blue Fire (Instrumental) (Beauty 030)*
10. The Just Joans – I Hope He's Everything You Wanted Me To Be (Beauty 025)*
11. The Yellow Melodies – Something That You Do (Monograph Cover)**
12. Nick Danger & The DCR – Cincinatti (Beauty 011)
13. Skytone – One Fine Day (Beauty 018)
14. Dot Dash – The Past Is Another Country (Beauty 022)
15. The Sharks – Heartland (The Sound Cover)*
16. Chester - Silly Girl (Beauty 025)*
17. The Social Icons - East Wing Remix (Original on Beauty 016)**
18. Mark Crozer & The Rels - The Winner Takes It All (ABBA Cover)**


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Rowena Dugdale (Santa Dog) interview (part 3)

ロウィーナ・ダグデイル(サンタ・ドッグ)インタビュー(part 3)

by Tatsuhiko. Watanbe(The Penelopes / Vaudeville Park Records)



10. I was really impressed with the beautiful sleeve art. Was it directed by the band? If so, was there any concept?

Yes, we do it all ourselves. It helps that I trained as an artist and make my living as an illustrator/designer so I can do all the cd art/flyers/art direction. The concept seems to be anything bird like, wings, creatures, and a plush antique elegance.

11. 普段はどんなデザインを手掛けてらっしゃるんですか?


11.what sort of design do you usually do for a living?

I design for a wide variety of clients and projects, from book covers to magazines and design projects. I have just finished a set of horoscopes for the Observer Sunday magazine and am currently working on two 15ft collage panels for a Californian design agency.



12.there's strong atmosphere that you like antique. is there anyone or anything that you adore as a designer?

I studied printed textiles at Edinburgh School of art, hence my love of layers, textures and old things. I like picking up old postcards, taking photos of crumbling walls, etc. A friend has just come back from a holiday in Hong Kong and brought me back lovely sweet wrappers, bus tickets, receipts etc. I love all that stuff. Artists I admire include Paul Klee and Robert Rauschenberg.


13.バンドの話に戻ります。あなたのバンドの全員がそれぞれ違う場所出身ですよね。そのせいで面白いなと思えるような事ってあります? 文化的に、とか、アクセントとか、何でも良いんですが。たとえば北部と南部とか、イングランド人とスコットランド人とか、階級的なものとか...。


13.About the band again. everybody in your band is from different place. is there anything all of you find interesting  for that? culturally, accent, whatever. north and south, english and scottish, class thing etc...

It's a good question but to be honest it doesn't really make much difference to us as we all have common bonds over the type of music we play and culturally the differences are slight. 

14.あなたたちのレーベル「RA RA RA レコード」についてです。これは地元のレーベルですか? 英国では良いインディーレーベルを見つけるのって難しいと思います?  すみません、最近の英国のインディーシーンには詳しくないもので...。

「Ra Ra Ra」は私たち自身のレーベルなの。もともとはここから私達が好きなバンドの作品ももっと出したかったんだけど、今のところは時間もお金もなくて。私達わざと自分達のEPを出すために自分たちのレーベルを始めたの、そうすれば全くレーベルがないよりもレビュワーや音楽紙の注意を引けるでしょ。最近の英国インディーシーンは賑やかね。インターネットがホントに私達のような人達が曲をプロモートする手助けになってる。でも凄く人が一杯のシーンよね。

14.About your label RA RA RA Records. Is it your local label? And in generel do you find it difficult to find a good indie label in UK? Sorry, but I'm not familiar with the current UK indie scene.

Ra Ra Ra is our own label. Originally we wanted to put more releases out from bands we like on it but we haven't had the time or finances as yet. We purposely started our own label to put out our EP as it means you gain more attention from reviewers and press rather than having no label at all. The current UK indie scene is thriving and the internet has really helped bands like us promote our songs, but it's a very crowded scene.

15.あなた達はブリストルのバンドですよね。この街の音楽シーンについて教えてくれませんか?ブリストルは国際的には、エイドリアン・シャーウッドのOn-U とか、いわゆる「ダブ」ミュージックで高い評価を受けてると思うのですが。日本ではブリリアント・コーナーズのような80年代のギターポップも人気があります。ここはあなた方の音楽活動にとって良い場所ですか?


15.You are Bristol band? Could you tell me about its musical scene? I guess Bristol is internationally highly acclaimed for 'Dub' music, Adrian Sherwood's On-U stuff, and in Japan for the guitar pop bands in the 80's such as The Brilliant Corners. Is it nice place for your musical activity?

Bristol is a great city. We are based here but didn't grow up here. Rob is from Aberdeen in Scotland, I'm from Somerset, Jojo is from Manchester and Martin is from Bath. Bristol has a thriving musical scene but musically the city has been out of the public eye since the early nineties with Massive Attack and Portishead and Tricky. It's a good city to live in and close enough to London to be able to gig there too.

16.将来についてです。何かはっきりした計画や夢はありますか? (バンドとしてだけでなく、個人的に、でも)

私とロブは幸運にも欲しいものの多くを既に手に入れて来たわ-自分達でやって来たからたくさんの時間を音楽に捧げることが出来たし、自分達の録音スタジオも持てた。それに先週、サンタ・ドッグの曲が初めてレディオ・ワン(BBC Radio1)でかかった。私達にとってはこれが凄く嬉しい事だった。私達4人、より幅広い層のファンをつかみたい訳だけれど、このバンドでもっとやりたい事はあるわ-ツアー、アルバム - いつでも計画や夢はあるわよね!

16.About the future. Is there any clear plan? and any dream ( not only as a band, but personally!)?

Rob and I are lucky to have already achieved a lot of what we wanted - we both work for ourselves so have lots of time to devote to music and we have our own recording studio. Also last week Santa Dog got its first radio play on Radio 1 which was a big delight for us. The four of us would like to reach wider audiences though and do a lot more with the band - tours, an album - there are always plans and dreams!

b0022069_12345937.gif"The Chemical EP" Santa Dog
(RA RA RA Records/ 2005)

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Rowena Dugdale (Santa Dog) interview (part 2)

ロウィーナ・ダクデイル(サンタ・ドッグ)インタビュー(part 2)

by Tatsuhiko. Watanbe(The Penelopes / Vaudeville Park Records)



b0022069_23232147.gif6.About lyrics. What sort of things do you sing in 'chemical'? Please let me know if you never mind making public.

Chemical is often interpreted as a song about drug taking but it's actually about being in love and out of control.

7.インスピレーションはどこから生まれますか? あなたが歌詞を書く際に意識しているような、特定の事柄など、何かありますか? あるいは、全て自然の流れに任せています? お気に入りの作詞家はいますか?

しばしば歌詞はあるアイデア、フレーズやムードのちょっとしかたまりから出来て行くのね。たとえば"Nest"は、ある友人がある状況を"poinsoned little nest"(汚れた小さな巣) と呼んだのをきいて出来たの- 曲そのものがそのフレーズや彼のそう表現していた状況に基づいていた訳だけど。"Katy"は週末にふたりの姪っ子たちの面倒をみて過ごした後書かれた。ケイティーっていう下の姪(9歳)が特に音楽や私のギターが好きでね、結局は若さや野心、それに家族についての歌になったわ。好きな作詞家ってなると、ビートルズはもちろんの事、エルヴィス・コステロ、パディー・マッカルーン(プリファブ・スプラウト)、それに最近ではスフィアン・スティーヴンスかな。そんな事言っちゃってアレだけど、はっきりした意味を持たせない言葉の響きもしばしば好きだったりするのよ。たとえばコクトー・ツインズとかシガー・ロスみたいなね。

7.Where does the inspiration  generate from? Is there any certain thing you are conscious of in writing lyrics? or you just leave everything to the course of nature? Is there any favourite lyricist?

Often the lyrics are formed around a nugget of an idea, a phrase or a mood. For example, 'nest' was formed after I heard a friend calling a certain situation a 'poisoned little nest' - the whole song was based around that phrase and the situation he was describing. 'Katy' was written after I'd spent the weekend looking after my two nieces. Katy, my younger niece (9) had a particular affinity to music and my guitar and I ended up writing a song about youth, ambition and families. When it comes to favourite lyricists, the Beatles of course, Elvis Costello, Paddy MacAloon and currently Sufjan Stevens. having said that, I often love the sound of words even without the meaning being clear. The Cocteau Twins or Sigor Ros for example.


"The Chemical EP" Santa Dog
(RA RA RA Records/ 2005)
1.Chemical 2.Nest 3.Flame 4.Katy


私読書はホントダメなのよ。集中して読まないといけないか興味を無くしちゃうかでしょ。だから今はあんまりわざわざ読んだりしないわ、さもないと一日中本に夢中になって過ごさないといけなくなるから! 昔はジョン・アーヴィングを楽しんでたんだけどね。

8.Please let me know your favourite book writer?

I am hopeless at reading books - I have to read them intensively or I lose interest in them so I just don't bother now or I'd spend all day with my nose in a book! I have enjoyed John Irving in the past though.

9.全体として目立つのは、ロブのギターとあなたのとても穏やかで落ち着いた声で導かれる独特の音の組み合わせですね。多くの若いインディーバンドが見せる傾向がある、ある種の不安定さが感じられない。あなたのバンドや音楽が特定の音楽シーンやカテゴリーの一部であると思いますか? よく一緒にプレイする、あるいは同世代としてリスペクトしているアーティストはいますか?

ありがとう! ライブでの私達はもう少し荒っぽい感じなのよ。地元の新聞のレビューは最近「彼等のライブは実際のところは非常に元気一杯で、時にパンクのエッジがある」って書いてた。それって、メロディックな曲と、あまりスムースで退屈になり過ぎない活気の間でバランスを取るってことなの。私達が現在の音楽シーンのどこにフィットしてるかはよくわからないわね、意識的に90年代初期の女性をフロントに立てたバンドのシーンのリバイバルをやろうとしてる訳じゃないし。これが私達がやれる音なのよ。

9.On the whole, the conspicous things are the beautiful combination of unique sound led by Rob's guitar and Rowena's very mild, calm voice. there's nothing unsteady like many young indie bands tend to show off. do you find your band and music belonging to part of the certain music scene/category? is there any artist you play with a lot or respect as the same generation?

That's very kind! I must say that live we are slightly more raucous. A recent review from a local newspaper said "in fact their music live is actually pretty gutsy and sometimes has quite a punk edge." It's getting the balance between melodic tunes and also a spark which stops it getting too smooth and dull. I'm not quite sure where our music fits in the current scene, we're not intentionally trying to be revivalists of the early 90's female-fronted band scene, it's just a sound that we do.

(part 3 に続く)
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Rowena Dugdale (Santa Dog) interview (part 1)

8月末、私のもとに送られて来たCD。"The Chemical EP"と名付けられた、穏やかな女性Voと創意に富むギターサウンドが織り成す、手作り感たっぷりの4曲が入ったその作品は、ブリストルの"Santa Dog"というバンドからのものでした。





Rowena Dugdale - vocals/guitar
Rob Williams - lead guitar
Jojo Harper - bass
Martin Maidment - drums


Rowena Dugdale (Santa Dog) interview(part1)

ロウィーナ・ダグデイル(サンタ・ドッグ)インタビュー(part 1)

by Tatsuhiko. Watanbe(The Penelopes / Vaudeville Park Records)



1.About the band. How did the band get started?

I originally met Rob (guitar) in Edinburgh in the 1990's when I was at Art school and Rob joined our band. We've been making music ever since then in some shape or form but Santa Dog came about last summer when we met Jojo (bass) through a mutual friend and started jamming as a 3 piece. After several temporary drummers we met Martin (again through mutual friends) a couple of months ago and our line-up is now set. 


この名前はレジデンツ(アメリカ出身のおかしなバンド。頭に巨大な眼球のマスクをかぶっている人達)にインスパイアされてるの。1970年代の彼等の1stシングルなんだけど、"satan god"のアナグラム(単語のつづり替えの遊び)なのね。ロブが彼等のファンで、オリジナル盤も持ってるんだけど、私達の音楽自体は彼等に影響されてる訳ではないわね。

2.Where did the band name 'Santa Dog' come from?

The name is inspired by a band called Residents (they are a crazy bunch, from the USA, they wore giant eyeballs on their heads) - it was the name of their first single in the 1970's and is an anagram of satan god. Rob is a fan of theirs and has all the original vinyl but our music isn't influenced by them.


3."The Chemical EP"についてです。 90年代のアメリカのバンドの影響を感じるんですが、またとても英国的な部分もありますね。そういう、音楽的影響に関してはかなり意識的ですか? それとも、ただ自然にやってる、という感じですか?


3.About "The Chemical EP". I felt the influence from the 90's American bands, but also there are something  very English. Are you strictly conscious of such musical influence? Or you just play naturally?

We didn't set out to play in the style of anyone else - we just play intuitively but maybe our influences do creep in. We love listening to a mix of American and British bands. (and Swedish and French - eg. Stereolab and the Cardigans!)

4.ふだんよく聴くバンド/音楽を挙げていただけますか? そして、もし可能でしたらあなたが子供の頃、あるいはバンドを始める前、どんな音楽が好きだったか教えて下さい。


4.Can you name the bands/music you usually listen to? And if possible, when you were child or before starting s band, what sort of music did you like?

Rob and I love The Smiths, the Beatles, Blondie, Throwing Muses, Cocteau Twins, Jeff Buckley, Psychedelic Furs, Jason Falkner, Prefab Sprout. Jojo very much likes the Verve and Spiritualised, Martin's current fav's include Ben Kweller, Gemma Hayes, Iron & Wine and he's also a big Yes fan.

5.作曲のプロセスについてです。歌詞はどなたが担当しているんでしょうか? また、音楽的アイデアは誰が持ち込んで来ます?「ひとりのソングライターとミュージシャン達」という関係ですか? それとも、「ソングライティング・チーム」という関係なのでしょうか? あるいはそれ以外のスタイルなんでしょうか。


5.About songwriting process. Who is in charge of lyrics? And who brings the musical idea?  is it the relationship like 'one sole songwriter and musicians', or 'songwriting team', or any other style?

I tend to write the barebones of a track (Guitar line and lyrics) and then present it to the band for shaping but also I work with Rob very closely and often we form songs from jamming out ideas.

(part 2に続く)
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Beast With A Billion Eyes / Age Of Jets

from album "Go Go Gadget Pop"(2004)

Age Of Jets(エイジ・オブ・ジェッツ)のマーク・ジェット(写真右から二人目)と約半年ぶりに会う。彼は今度出すThe Penelopesのアルバムにも一曲ゲストVoで参加している。b0022069_1537529.gif



b0022069_1535553.gif上の曲はDamaged Goods(このレーベル名はギャング・オブ・フォーの曲から取った...のはもう言わずもがな?)から2004年にリリースされた彼等の1stアルバムからの曲。

2ndアルバムでは更に実験的になっていて、まさにガジェットポップさが全開(初期ロキシーをたとえに出したらわかりやすいか?)のエイジ・オブ・ジェッツ。彼等の音楽は今の英国では正直かなり独立独歩な感はある。Maximo Parkがもしロックからだけのインプットから自由になったら...とでも言えば良いだろうか。無茶やりよんなぁと、笑いながらもその魅力を味わえる2nd。なんとかリリースにこぎつけてほしいものだ。
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No Cause For Regret / Jasmine Ash


Jasmine Ash interview
by Tatsuhiko. Watanbe(The Penelopes / Vaudeville Park Records)




6.Could you tell me about the producer Ezra Holbrook?


Ezra is a genius. He truly is a musical genuis and one of the people I look up to most in this world. He is an amazing producer.. but also an amazing musican and songwriter in his own right. He has had a major label record deal in his past and is doing really well, he produces for a lot of people here in Portland and has done some really cool stuff. His website will be up soon: www.ezraholbrook.com you should check out some of his stuff. Amazing. Also check out: www.cdbaby.com/ezraholbrook for MP3 samples. He really knows and sees my vision that I want for my own music.


7.Could you name your all-time favorite song or album (if any)?

私に出来る一番ありきたりな言い方をあえて言ってみるわね。すごくたくさんの色んなバンドが好きなの、だから言うのは難しい! でももしトップ5を挙げるとすれば、順不同でこうなるかな:-

私が夢中になってるアルバムは The Bends / Radiohead、Ok Computer / Radiohead (レディオヘッドはなんでも、なのよ!)、Homogenic / Bjork(ビヨーク)、Gran Turismo / The Cardigand(カーディガンズ)、Same(もともとはBleed Americanというタイトル)/Jimmy Eat World、まだまだ続けられるけど、このへんが私がまず思いつくアルバムかしら。

I am going to risk saying the most cliche thing I can: I love so many different bands, it's hard to say! But if I had to choose, I could give you a top 5, in no particular order.

I am obsessed with: The Bends, Radiohead. Ok Computer, Radiohead. (anything by Radiohead!) Homogenic, Bjork. Gran Turismo, The Cardigans. Self Titled, (formerly Bleed American), Jimmy Eat World. And really I could go on and on.. but these were the first that I thought of.

8.How did you come to plan to play in Japan?


I decided that I wanted to get out of the US.. and Japan seemed like the obvious choice. I one day sorta half-heartedly started sending some emails and my friends from L'uri, an awesome band, got back to me and we made it happen.. I am really determined to get a huge worldwide audience.. and where better to start than Japan?


9.Is there any impression about the country?


From what I can tell, Japanese culture is amazing.. it's so beautiful and so different than what I am used to. Everyone that I have come in contact with has been amazingly nice and welcoming.. I can't wait to come over and meet people in person! I think it will be an awesome learning experience. Plus, if this trip goes well.. you better believe I'm going to do anything and everything I can to go back!


10.Could you give some messages to Japanese music fans?



最後に日本で私を助けてくれる人達にもお礼を言わせてほしいわ。このツアーを企画してくれたレーベルはGreen Tea, Incというところなの。彼らはイカしてるしこのツアーは彼等なしには実現しなかったことだから...彼等はホントに凄いわ。彼等が私とのこのツアーを企画してくれた..彼等の音楽も素晴らしいのよ!

Well, number one.. I really hope you like my music.. number two, if you do, please spread it around. My goal is to have as many Japanese people hear it as possible. My Japanese website is: luri.jp/jas.htm and there should be a lot of updates in the next few weeks..

Also, if you're a musician and you need advice, the most important advice that I have ever had, has been to *never* give up! Really, anyone can do anything... just never give up.. best of luck to you!

Fianally let me give many thanks to the people helping me in Japan. The label that is putting together this whole trip is called Green Tea, Inc. They rock and this whole trip couldn't have been done without them.. they are so awesome.They really have made this trip with me.. and their music is great too! www.luri.jp

album "From Grey To Blue"(CD/ 2004/ 80 beats per second

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Fall / Jasmine Ash


Jasmine Ash interview

by Tatsuhiko. Watanbe(The Penelopes / Vaudeville Park Records)

8月末、あるアーティストよりメールが。彼女の名はジャスミン・アッシュ。アメリカはオレゴン州・ポートランドを拠点に活動するシンガー・ソング・ライター。2ndアルバム"From Grey To Blue"をリリース、 10月には何と来日してライブを行なうとの事。




1. 人生における、音楽との最初の印象的な出会いっていったら何でした?

1.Could you tell me about your first impressive encounter with music in your life?


I remember growing up to the Beatles, James Taylor, Elton John, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, really good music. I always loved to sing along, and would always make up little melodies in my head when I was outside.. walking or something. But I never thought that it would ever become such a big part of my life.. and I never really thought I was a good singer. Looking back now though, I saw that the songs affected me more than I realized, and those feelings have carried over to my life now. I believe that music should always evoke some sort of emotion, whatever that emotion may be.. and everyone feels differently depending on the song.. Now I can see that music affected me more than I know.. almost like it was buried inside me just to come out at the very perfect moment... interesting, I think.

2. 曲を書き始め、歌いはじめるきっかけになったのは何だったのですか? アーティストとしてのあなたを目覚めさせるようなレコードとか曲があったのですか?

2.What was a good chance that made you start writing songs and singing? Was there any record or song that awoke you as an artist?



その後すぐ、学校でスペイン語を学ぶためにメキシコに行った。そこで毎晩バンド演奏をやってるレストランに通い始めたのね。私達すぐ親しくなって、何曲か一緒に歌わないかときかれたの。最初はホントに抵抗したのよ、だって自分が歌えるなんて全く思ってなかったんだから。困ったなって感じだった。彼等は絶対歌えると私を納得させて、で毎晩3曲ぐらい歌ったの。レディオヘッドの"Creep"、エリック・クラプトンの"Tears In Heaven"、それに4・ノン・ブロンズの"What's Up"をね。本当に私が歌い始める自信をつけたのはこの時だった。


I honestly never thought I would ever be a musician. I did take piano lessons for about 6 years when I was a kid, but after I quit, I became an athlete. I pretty much played sports all through high school and college. It wasn't until the very end of college that I realized that I wanted to try learning the guitar. I never sang before that either, and I didn't think I had a nice voice at all.

I actually had an ex boyfriend who was an awesome guitar player. One day I said "can I try to play a chord?" and he said "sure.." I played it right away, didn't really struggle and I haven't put it down since.. it really clicked with me, so I wanted to work hard to learn it well.

Shortly after that, I traveld to Mexico to study spanish for school. I started to go every night to a resturant that had a house band. We quickly became friends with them and they asked me if I wanted to sing a couple songs with them.. I really resisted at first, because I didn't think I could sing at all. I felt embarassed. They convinced me, and I would sing with them every night, about 3 songs: "Creep," by Radiohead, "Tears in Heaven," by Eric Clapton and "What's up," by 4 Non Blondes. It was then that I gained the confidence to start singing for real.

When I moved back to Eugene to finish up school.. I became focused on learning the guitar and singing along. I didn't start writing songs right away though. I didn't know that I could try and write songs.. it just sorta happened. I began putting lyrics to melodies and then writing songs after that.. it only took about 3 months. 10 months after I picked up the guitar, I had my first show ever. I was so nervous.. and really, I sucked. I was determined though and that's what made me work hard. I wanted to be great.. music really changed my life.

3. あなたはより大きな音楽的チャンスを求めてポートランドに移ったときいています。ユージンの音楽的状況というのはどういうものだったのですか? また、ポートランドはどうだったのですか? 日本人にとってはその違いがはっきりとはわからないのもので。ポートランドには大きなシーンがある訳ですか?

3.I read you moved to Portland for larger musical opportunities. How was the musical situation in Eugene? And how about Portland? For the Japanese people the difference doesn't seem so clear. Is there large scene in Portland?


After graduation, I knew that I had to leave Eugene. Eugene is a small college town and there weren't as many places to play, bands, etc. Portland was well known for it's music scene.. although it's not the greatest. The market is saturated with bands here (Portland) which can be cool, but it can also make it hard to stand out. That is part of the reason that I've been trying to reach other markets besides Portland. Los Angeles for example.. although in L.A. it's MUCH harder to stand out.. I've just been trying to catch the eye of important people down there that could help me in my career. There aren't as many people like that in Portland.

4. アルバム"From Grey To Blue"を聴きました。とても良い作品でした。興味深いのは、タイトルは「希望」を感じさせるものなのに、音楽そのものは落ち込んでるというか、そんなに元気でもないんですよね。光を求めているというか、歌い手自身が歌うことで励ましてるというか...要するに極めて自然で純粋な心からの声というか...。あなた自身はこのアルバムをどうみていますか?

4.I heard your "From Grey To Blue" CD, which I found so enjoyable. What interested me was, despite the title implying some sort of 'hope' image, that music in itself sounded a little downhearted, or I think it not so cheerful but searching for the light, just like encouraging the singer herself by singing...in short, quite natural and pure voice from the heart. How do you describe the album yourself?

それは凄いことだわ。そのタイトルに希望が見えるというのは...すごく嬉しいことよ。このアルバムに収録された曲の多くを書いた時、私本当に人生の中での酷いところにいたの。ここにある曲は私に起こったことについての文字どおりの説明なの、人間関係であり、思いであり...。思い出してみれば、当時は将来についてあまり多くの希望を持てなかった。曲の多くが踏みつけられたような、悲しいものだ、というのは私もわかるわ。前のボーイフレンドにメチャクチャ傷つけられててね、それが曲の殆どを書くインスピレーションになってたのよ。"Dissatisfied"や"No One Came"のような曲は、私が彼から感じた苦しみや怒りについての歌なの、でもそこには希望もあるんだけれど。"Replacing"や"No Cause for Regret"のような曲は、また自分を取り戻して普通の人間として過去にもっていた怒りから通り過ぎて行くことについての歌だし。



I think that's great, that you see a hope in the title.. I am so glad. When I wrote many of the songs that ended up on the album, I was in a really bad place in my life. The songs are literal accounts about what has happened to me, with relationships, feelings, et. Back then, I didn't have a lot of hope about the future. I realize that many of the songs are downtrodden and sad. I had been really hurt by my ex-boyfriend, and that was really the inspiriation for writing most of the songs off that album. Songs like "Dissatisfied," and "No One Came" are songs about my hurt and anger I felt from him.. but there is hope, too. Songs like "Replacing" and "No Cause for Regret" are really about picking myself up again and getting past all the anger I had just as a regular person.

"Fall" is a good example too.. that song spoke of the strength I had to have after being dumped. It's almost like I'm reaching out to people saying.. I know what you're going through and you're not alone.. It's hard to be in a
relationship.. you take many risks. A lot of times, someone can get really hurt, or end up with the short end of the stick. I think through my writing I really faced up to my pain, and was able to deal with it. I didn't have that
before I started playing music. Sorta like therapy.

My new stuff, which I want you to hear sometime soon, I think is better. It's coming from a more mature place in my life. I still feel the pain sometimes.. but it's really unconcious, and only comes out when I am trying to write a song. Weird. The songs now are coming from a much more mature place, which is a lot healthier for me.

5. どういう状況の時に曲が浮かんで来ると思いますか? それともあなたの曲作りには何かコツのようなものはありますか?

5.In what situation do you think song comes to your mind? Or is there any knack for your songwriting?


I really look at it as an awesome job now. One of the most interesting and creative jobs you could have! It makes me excited to write.. but I have to do it every day. I challange myself to get on the guitar and write something
new as much as I can. I try for a song a week. Sometimes I can't do it, sometimes I can write 4 a week.. but that doesn't mean they are all good.. I have probably written 150 songs in the past 3 1/2 years (this is how long I
have been playing music) Most of them are not good at all.. I figure if I can write 3 albums of songs in 3 1/2 years, in which 11 or so on each album is a keeper.. I am doing well.

album "From Grey To Blue"(CD/ 2004/ 80 beats per second)


by penelox | 2005-09-26 20:28 | 2000年代

Nest / Santa Dog

from "The Chemical EP"



b0022069_0542896.gif今回紹介するSanta Dog(サンタ・ドッグ)は、英国ブリストルのバンド。女性Voロウィーナ・ダグデイルを擁する4人組。彼等の音楽の比較に出されるのはスローイング・ミュージズ、サンデイズ...と書くとわかるでしょうか。80年代後半の、やや落ち着いた、しかしじわじわ染みて来るギターポップです。b0022069_23471339.gif彼等の"The Chemical EP"で聴ける音楽は、はじけた感じよりも、あくまで穏やかな英国の風景。あの曇り空、雲間から俄に顔を出す陽の光...そんなイメージのギターサウンドに、優しくささやくボーカル。こちらが彼等のオフィシャル・サイト


今流行りのNew Wave、のニュアンスとはまた違いますが、こういう音楽も共存していた、その幅広さが80's New Waveだったとも言えますし。何より、こんなバンドが今ちゃんと地道に活動出来ている(大変だろうなとは思うけれど)英国の音楽文化の豊かさをうらやましく思います。

by penelox | 2005-08-29 23:52 | 2000年代

Weapons Of Angel Delight / Carbon/Silicon

from "The Grand Delusion"


Mick Jones(Ex-The Clash)とTony James(Ex-Generation X、Ex-Sigue Sigue Sputnik)が2004年5月、新バンドCarbon/Siliconを結成、活動中です。まだ1stアルバムのリリースには至っていませんが、いくつかの曲が彼等のオフィシャルサイト、また日本ではかねぼんさんのCarboon/Siliconのページで聴けます。日本語による最新情報もこちらでぜひチェックしてみて下さい。

個人的には彼等のサイトのdiscographyにあるフリーCD"The Grand Delusion"からの曲"Weapons Of Angel Delight"が凄く良かった。
アーシーなロックン・ロール(言うまでもないけれどブラック・リズム&ブルーズが下敷きとしてある、ローリング・ストーンズにも通ずるもの)にあのクラッシュ時代から変わらない独特の柔らかい声とポップなVoスタイル、メロディーライン、これでああ、ミック・ジョーンズだなとすぐわかる。そこにジグ・ジグ・スパトニックにあった近未来SF風(当時は早過ぎたのか?)ガジェット・ロッンクンロール的アレンジ。これはトニー・ジェイムスの味なのかな?考えてみればふたりの要素がそのまま出てると言えばそうなのかも、なんですが、それが今のNew Waveリバイバルな時代に実に自然に馴染んでいるのが良い感じです。

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Riot Radio / The Dead 60s

先日のHal、Magic Numbersのようなメロディアス・ポップロックから一転、ファンキーNew Waveもリヴァイバル中なので気になっている。と言うか、別物、という意識もホントはないのだけど。

リヴァプールの若手The Dead 60sの"Riot Radio"、これも良いですねー。b0022069_23543031.gif
しかし、自分が良いなぁーと思うのには、たぶんノスタルジーも入ってるから、というのもわかっている...だって出してる音が、ホントに70's末から80's初めの、ファンキーなNew Waveと言うか、連想するバンドがクラッシュ、ギャング・オブ・フォー、ポップグループ、スペシャルズとかの2トーンのバンドそのままなんですよ。どうしたって高校の頃の兄貴のテープコレクションをいじくり倒していた(兄ちゃん、すまん)、その頃の気分がフラッシュバックして来るのだ。当時と違うのは、そのミックス具合の、若さに似合わぬ器用さだけだったりして...。

で、タイトルが"Riot Radio"ですよ。はぁ〜、とため息をつくしかない。

"White Riot"(Clash)+ "Radio Radio"(Costello)、あるいは"On Your Radio"(Joe Jackson)、あるいは"Radios In Motion"(XTC)。あるいは"White Riot"のかわりに"Riot Act"(Costello)でも良い。なんかその頃のバンドの使ってる言葉、タイトルを

でもCookie Sceneの最新号でインタビューを読むと、そうではなさそうだ。たまたまみたいなのだ。

おまけにこのジャケはギャング・オブ・フォーの"Solid Gold"そのままじゃないですか。しかしこれもなんかたまたまそうなった風にも見えるし。わざとなのか、レコード会社の意向もあったのか...わからないけれど。まあ注目を集めるのは事実ですけど。

(左)The Dead 60s "Riot Radio"、(右)Gang Of Four "Solid Gold"



当時のNew Waveは、さらに新しい世界を切り開いたり、あるいは行き詰まったり、そういう事がそれぞれあって拡散して行った訳ですが、今は当時よりは何でもフラットに見渡せ、取捨選択して何でも手に入れられる時代。だから当時ほど近視眼的にはならない気もするし、突然ありゃ?ってな感じて訳のわからない方向(たとえば逆に凄い整理された良質ポップになったり)に行ったりして、それが妙にこなれている、ってな事になるかも知れないし、それはそれで興味深い。
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